Steri-Tamp® Seal for Belly Button Port IV Bags

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  • Sterile, Tamper-Evident Seal for Admixture “Belly Button” Port
  • Specially designed for the “Belly Button” port on the ICU Medical bag
  • Protects Against Contamination and Accidental Double Dosing
  • Alerts the Staff When a Drug Has Been Added
  • The Foil Outer Layer Provides Visible Evidence of a Needle Puncture
  • Removing the Steri-Tamp® Outer Layer Leaves a Printed “Opened” Warning and Cannot Be Reapplied

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: Belly Button Bag Seal Application Video


BBraun – PAB, E3, Ecoflac Plus

Grifols – Fleboflex

ICU Medical – VisIV


…And 13mm vial tops